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The NUBIKI Institute was founded as the successor of the former Nuclear Engineering Division of VEIKI Institute for Electric Power Research (VEIKI NED) in 2009. NUBIKI is a fully employee-owned company. The professional competence of NUBIKI is the same as that of the former VEIKI NED. Also, all the staff members of VEIKI NED now work for NUBIKI. Furthermore, NUBIKI holds possession of all the analysis tools (software and associated licences) and technical documents acquired and produced during the last decades of professional activities at VEIKI NED.

During transition of our activity from VEIKI NED to NUBIKI an important objective was to sustain the strategic relations with our main partners both nationally and internationally. To achieve this objective

  • a trilateral agreement has been set up between NUBIKI, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Atomic Energy Research Institute (today: Centre for Energy Research – CER) and the Paks nuclear power plant as their client to provide main consultancy services to the utility in those technical areas that belong to the competencies of NUBIKI and CER (from June 2009),
  • a bilateral agreement has been signed with the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority to serve as a Technical Support Organisation (TSO) in some selected professional fields (from October 2009),
  • multilateral cooperation has also been initiated within the European R&D Projects (e.g. SARNET, ASAMPSA2).

NUBIKI has developed and is operating a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and the Paks NPP.